Reeya Callychurn (Caldwell University)

Reeya Image.jpeg

I still have a vivid image of that day when two ex-QEC girls came to talk about the US college application process. I was not well-informed about universities, and words like “common app” seemed foreign to me. I was pretty lost during that talk. To be honest after that talk, I experienced the sudden urge to know more since I felt as if I was the only person in the room who was ignorant. Then, a close friend recommended me Mrs Mahadoo. I knew that America is the land of opportunities but I always thought that attending an American university is next to impossible. My dream would have never materialized had it not been for all of Anjanita’s dedication and support!

 Anjanita has been nothing but an excellent guide and counselor throughout the whole application process. Working with Anjanita also made the college application process a period of self-discovery especially during the essay-writing period. She always encouraged her students to be authentic and to write their own story. She was a firm believer that everyone has a story to tell and that the essay serves as a vehicle for our voice. Such advices from her indeed helped me to embrace my uniqueness and stand out rather than fashioning myself into someone I might think the admissions committee will like.

While reviewing my essays, Anjanita would pay attention to each and every minute detail and made constructive criticism, in turn bringing out the best of me. Also, there are many instances where Anjanita helped in such a way that a conventional advisor would not do. Such dedication is commendable and praiseworthy!

Thanks to Anjanita, I will be attending Caldwell University this fall with a Presidential Scholarship. My American dream no longer seems like such a dream after all; it’s an unbelievable reality right within my grasp. I just had to reach out through the proper channel. Lucky me!! I came across Ms. Anjanita Mahadoo.

I will be forever grateful to you Ms. Mahadoo. Thank you for listening and providing insights to help me navigate all the rough patches and big decisions in this journey! You have invested so much of your time. I would like to thank you for your professionalism and care.