Kishen Rungasamy (Lynn University)


My biggest dream was to study in the US, and I was very motivated to fulfill it. The only problem was, how?

How can I get in touch with the universities? How does the financial process work? How can I get scholarships? And the most important, how can I go through the whole process without mistakes in order to fulfill my biggest dream? I was totally lost, and I could not do it by myself since I have lived my entire life in Europe and the American academic system was fully unknown to me.

When my father told me about a woman that was helping people to go study in the US, I immediately got in touch with Anjanita and we started working together on my applications. After hours and hours on Skype, about fifty essays to write, correct and rewrite, and many hours filling in the countless questionnaires, I finally received my admissions letters. I remember my tremendous pleasure when I received my first admission letter with a great scholarship, it was just before Christmas and I could not have wished for a better gift.

Thanks to Anjanita's hard work, patience and dedication, my dream came true. During our sessions, Anjanita slowly became a real confidante in this time of uncertainty and apprehension. She was a really caring ally in my quest for universities and we built a strong friendship during our meetings. Months after our collaboration ended, we are still in touch and I sincerely hope to meet her in the US during my freshman year in Florida. Thank you very much Anjanita.