Ryan Basava Reddi (Carleton College)


The US application process is indeed demanding mostly because applicants need to be not only good academically but also have a record of extracurricular involvement. The SAT requirement further adds to the burden of students hoping to go to the US. With such challenges often comes discouragement and the feeling that one will never be able to make it. That was exactly my situation back in lower 6, when I first considered studying in the US. The liberal arts curriculum and western culture as well attracted me to the "land of opportunities." But still, the fear that I might not get in haunted me. I learned about schools in the US, and took tentatively the SAT for the first time at the start of upper 6. I did not apply for the US that year because I felt that my application was not good enough. After the A level results came out and I was a laureate, I considered America once more. I knew that I would have to take a gap year if I wanted to apply there.

During that time, I learnt about StudyUSA from a friend. So I contacted Mrs Mahadoo, hoping that she would give me a helping hand. Looking back, I can say that she literally walked by my side throughout the whole process. She gave us earnest advice and encouraged us to step out of our comfort zone. I remember how she kept reminding us that if we are not passionate about our extracurricular activities, then it's better that we quit them. I followed her advice and used my time diligently to get involved in a few volunteering activities and also help students with subjects like math, chemistry and physics as I wanted to have a positive impact on my society. While working with her, I noticed how Mrs Mahadoo would give us assignments that she would not accept as final until they were near-perfect. That's how meticulous she was. She kept reminding us that good grades are only a part of the whole story.

I sent my application near the end of last year, and waited impatiently for the admission decisions. In April of 2019, I received a mail from Carleton College, and in it was mentioned that I am a winner of Kellog scholar, which meant that I got a full scholarship from the school. I was elated, and still am, for I am about to embark on a new adventure. However, I will not feel accomplished if I don't thank everyone who supported me in this journey. Mrs Mahadoo has my special thoughts as she made the application process look simple and while working with her, I felt that I was progressing day by day.

Mr Venn Basava Reddi - Father and Educator

When my son, Ryan BASAVA REDDI, told me that he wanted to attend US universities after his HSC results, I did not pay any heed to him because I knew that would be very difficult since the fees will be very costly. After contacting Mrs Anjanita Mahadoo over the phone I got the assurance that he might secure a seat provided he follows the steps and makes a good application. After a long and beautiful journey under the strict and regular guidance of Mrs Mahadoo (SAT exam, extracurricular activities, essays and the application process) my son got admitted to Carleton College, in Minnesota, with 100% scholarship. Today, I feel proud, owing to Mrs Mahadoo, that my son will be able to fly to the land of opportunities. Thank you Maam!