Yun Yan 'Sally' Wong (University of Pennsylvania)


Meeting Mrs Anjanita was purely out of luck – a life-changing luck. Thanks to her help, I was accepted at several schools in the US, including UPenn, GWU (George Washington University), USC (University of Southern California) and MCPHS (Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences).

Like many other students, I was completely baffled by the daunting CommonApp system. I found it rather hard to go through the school selection process while still undecided about which universities really suited me.

When I learned about StudyUSA, I hesitated at first to give it a try. However, I am honestly glad I did: Mrs Anjanita was more like a close friend to me than a mere consultant. She patiently guided me through every single component of the application process until the last minute and provided me with every support I needed. She impressed on me that it is never too late to do your best, and walked me through every step of my application as if her own child was the one applying to the universities.

I am sure that she will help out more students in the future and I wish all the best to those who work with her in future application cycles.