Nadiya Jaunbocus (Wesleyan University)

It was around July in my Upper 6 year. I was debating whether to attend a talk by two ex-QEC students on the US college application. “It’s not like I’m going to apply to US schools,” I thought, perceiving a US education as unaffordable and unattainable. I finally walked in and listened to Yusrah and Tashweena narrate their journey, from the time they started their applications all the way to when they were awarded generous scholarships from some of the most selective US colleges. All throughout, they kept mentioning the name of one person who helped them through the whole process –Mrs Mahadoo.

Their success stories made me hopeful about my own future and I decided to book a free consultation session. At the same time, however, a million questions flooded my mind “With only a few months left and the upcoming HSC exams, how would I manage to start and complete the lengthy application process? When would I take the SATs?”

What was meant to be a 30-minute consultation session, stretched into be a 3hr15 minute-long conversation during which Mrs Mahadoo dispelled all the doubts I had, regarding the time left. Most importantly, she made me believe in my own capabilities to be successful. Moreover, we bonded really well over that phone call; I absolutely love Mrs Mahadoo’s ability to connect with people.

Under her constant guidance and encouragement, I learnt how to make the most of my time, by balancing my application and studies perfectly. Another great thing about Mrs Mahadoo is her attention to every little detail, be it while reviewing our essays or while verifying our Common App.

 Probably the one instance I’ll never forget is when she called the College Board on my behalf, so I would not have to incur international long-distance charges, while being on video call with me. She waited on hold for well over an hour, and explained the technical issues I was having to the customer service agent. That kind of dedication is rare.

Thanks to Mrs Mahadoo, I will be attending Wesleyan University this fall with a full scholarship. I found out about her services by luck, but the rest of the way, we both paved together, through hard work.

To Mrs Mahadoo: I hope to continue seeing you do what you’re best at, as you help many others like me to achieve their American Dream:)