Jason Ryan Ah Chuen (Stanford University)

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There was exactly one month to go till the application deadline. Unfortunately, only then did I realize how challenging and time-consuming the application essays were. Fortunately, I then stumbled across the right person.

It was the 1st of December. Admissions consulting companies no longer enroll at this time of the year and I was literally desperate. Thankfully, a friend recommended me a lady and I Skyped with her on the same day. I thought she would dismiss me off for seeking help so late, compounded by the fact that I planned to apply to some 20 universities. However, Anjanita did not! What touched me the most is that she was determined to get me out of my impossible situation and was ready to guide me through every single step of my application. Some months later, I got my acceptances at the likes of UPenn, Dartmouth, Johns Hopkins, Princeton, Yale and STANFORD!

Many people ask me if I really needed a university consultant for my applications. I always reply that instead, I really needed Anjanita. To me, she was acting more like a selfless Mom who would go to great lengths to help her kids. Who would spend some three hours straight for brainstorming with me? Who would go through my whole Common App and verify every tiny little detail? Who would whole-heartedly devote so much time and effort to review my essays over and over again? Anjanita was second to none. Considering that I was a late comer, she had to work even harder to meticulously review all of my essays several times and was super flexible. She rapidly gained my trust and gave me much-needed confidence in my application process. Long after the application process is over, Anjanita and I still keep in touch. From time to time, she would check on me and provide me with her thoughtful advice. She’s simply great!