Trishnee Bhurosy (Indiana University, PhD Program)


Meeting Anjanita was a turning point in my life. As a fresh graduate from the university of Mauritius, I was confused whether to continue my teaching career, or to apply for my doctoral studies. The memory of meeting Anjanita is still vivid in my mind. Her words of wisdom, rich experience, and genuine advice were instrumental in concretizing my decision of pursuing my Ph.D. The application procedure was both energy- and time-consuming for sure, but knowing that I had someone to turn to for advice or encouragement, whenever I felt uncertain of my own capabilities, reassured me in more ways than I could describe. 

Anjanita is both a mentor and a friend to me. As a mentor, she is tactful, compassionate, helpful, and knows how to pull out the strengths in her mentees. Post my applications, I got accepted into two graduate schools with funding but I chose Indiana University School of Public Health - Bloomington because of my current advisor - Dr Susan E. Middlestadt, the amount of funding I was offered there, and of course the world-famous IU Bloomington campus! I have recently completed two years in the Health Behavior program at IU and I am on my way to working on my dissertation (Finally!). If you are also thinking of applying to graduate school, just go for it! The process can be grueling, but I personally assure you that it's completely worth it! I would recommend Anjanita anytime, and I strongly feel that anyone who is willing to go that extra mile in their education and career, will benefit from Anjanita’s advice.