Laksh Balloo (Colby-Sawyer university)


Working with Anjanita Mahadoo:
I don’t even know if this can be called ‘work’. She is so passionate about her counseling that sometimes I even forgot that she does this for a living. Working with her has been many times, quite annoying for me, because she relentlessly reminded us of our essays, recommendation letters, and deadlines etc. At the end of the day, this was all rewarding for me, though. Anjanita was not only passionate about helping others reach their dreams, but was sometimes even more optimistic than us. I remember when I had lost all hope of ever going to the US, after being accepted at 2 schools, but having obtained only 50% scholarship, how she encouraged me to appeal for more scholarship. After a failed first attempt, I was already planning my studies in Mauritius itself, but she kept motivating me till the end, and kept encouraging me to try again. She not only pushed me to try harder but stood by my parents whenever they were discouraged. This goes to show how devoted she is towards her students. I don’t know if I can thank her enough for everything, but still...Thank you, Anjanita!