Pramiksha Marcharchand (Georgetown university)


Working with Study USA has been the most rewarding and amazing experience of my life. It gave me a lot more confidence, and forced me to get to know my strengths and my weaknesses as well. Applying to U.S. colleges can at times prove to be very complicated and exhausting, and it was incredible to be able to have someone with so much knowledge in the field, to assist me through this whole process. I will not deny the fact that strong academic records might not always guarantee admission. Rather, it is every single part of the application, especially the personal essays, that have to be great. I initially struggled with writing personal essays but with the support and guidance of StudyUSA, I managed to write the essays that got me into several colleges with full scholarships; I am headed to Georgetown in the fall on a full ride. Ms Anjanita was always there for me - Whether to show me how to make my application stronger, or to motivate me when I was procrastinating a lot and not getting enough work done. Overall, it was a wonderful and life-changing experience. I learned a lot about myself, and I would recommend anyone who is willing to make their dreams of studying in the US come true, to work with StudyUSA.