Muneera Cadersa (Drexel University)


Words are not enough to describe the amount of hard work and patience you put into your work. Salute to you.

CommonApp, CSS profile, SAT -oh my god! Why does the US application process has to be so complex? I was baffled. I was certainly on the verge of striking off the US from my college options - the reason being the arduous process behind it. Another reason which discouraged me was the time i had left. It was only three months until the application deadline and I had barely started. God heard my prayers or my dad got lucky hands. While strolling through the supermarket, the latter opened a magazine and fell straight on our savior - Mrs Anjanita Mahadoo. I was amazed by her hard work and her pathway to the ‘Land of Opportunities.’

After a few counseling sessions, I immediately knew I could count on her. It was hard to maintain the balance between HSC revision and university applications. An army marches on its stomach and without Mrs Anjanita’s intense counselling, all the essays and nerve wracking interviews would have been impossible. She made sure that we were always picking the right schools and the best environment. Yet, the most important part was the scholarship. Without her assistance, I would have probably been elsewhere, or back in Mauritius. The scholarship she helped me pick up saved me. I got admitted to Drexel University with 60% scholarship - all thanks to Mrs Mahadoo.

My dream turned into a reality. I’m about to embark on a new journey and as I sail through it, Mrs Anjanita’s precious counseling will always be my guide. I shall be eternally grateful to her for this life changing opportunity. Long live the USA! Long live Mrs Mahadoo!