Anushka Dunessur (Drexel University)


I started my university application two years ago, confused and without much guidance. I nearly gave up due to the huge workload associated with applying to US universities! Luckily, I was advised by a friend to contact Ms. Mahadoo to help me with my application and I am glad I did. She motivated me to persevere and helped me thoroughly throughout the whole application process, making it less daunting and overwhelming as it previously seemed to be. She has been so patient and understanding, guiding me step by step, reviewing my application carefully and constantly giving me constructive criticism and positive feedback.

After months of hard work under Ms. Mahadoo’s guidance, I received my admission decision, which was about a month after I applied to Drexel University. My happiness was inexorable seeing my efforts getting paid off after investing so much time and efforts working on my extracurricular activities, SAT, writing personal statements amongst other things. I can’t be more grateful for the scholarship I received as it has greatly reduced the financial burden on my father who is a single parent, and is helping me to live my dream. I am really grateful to Ms. Mahadoo for contributing to making my dream a reality.

I’m now planning to major in Computer Science at Drexel and I’m really looking forward to embracing this new experience! And even now, Ms. Mahadoo has been in touch, always there to help.