Kirtee Ramo (Bryn Mawr College)

Kirtee Ramo.jpg

Initially, I knew very little about the application process for US institutions. I was not even sure which schools I should apply to or what I should study in college. Then, a relative introduced me to StudyUSA and after talking to Anjanita, I was convinced that she was the perfect person to help me. She made the application process more manageable and less stressful. She helped me realize that an American university education would allow me to explore various fields of studies before choosing my future career. I really liked the fact that she was deeply invested in her work and that I was at ease to discuss any fears or doubts that I had about my application. Her brainstorming sessions helped me engage in deep introspection and gain a better understanding of myself. Her constructive criticism helped me demonstrate my uniqueness in my college essays. It is thanks to her guidance that I have been accepted to two great US colleges with considerable financial aid packages. My parents and I are extremely grateful to her for making it possible for me to study in the US and I hope that she continues her mission of helping students reach their dreams.