Aartee Hosanee (Connecticut College)


Attending a US university has always been my dream and I am 100% sure that I would not have accomplished it without the help and ongoing support of Mrs Anjanita.

The US university application process has been anything but easy! Mrs Anjanita sure made things easier for me. She was always there to motivate me, to boost my self-confidence, and to make me believe that I could actually make this dream of mine come true.

Honestly, I have never seen someone as passionate about her job as Mrs Anjanita. Her dedication and professionalism are the very aspects that I enjoyed the most: the way Mrs Anjanita paid attention to every little detail as she reviewed my essays and openly told me about my shortcomings, is one of the very things which pushed me to my limits.

I will forever be grateful to Mrs Anjanita for making my dream come true. This is why I would like to thank her from the bottom of my heart for her continuous support, guidance and advice throughout the tedious application process. I am convinced that I wouldn’t have made it without her coaching and guidance. I cannot think of any other person who would have invested so much time and energy into reviewing my work and making sure that my application reflected my personality and aptitude.

Thank you Mrs Anjanita <3