Maximilien Chong (Wesleyan University)


After having failed to secure a seat with enough financial aid when I first applied to US universities, I was not sure about reapplying. However, a friend of mine who was admitted to UPenn encouraged me to do so, and referred me to StudyUSA.

StudyUSA convinced me to have a shot at a second chance. I started late - a couple of months before the deadlines. And during these two months Anjanita offered me invaluable support throughout the application process. Anjanita was very flexible and always ready to help, regardless of the time difference between us. I could discuss my applications with her at any time of the day be it on Skype, or WhatsApp or email. 

Her guidance whilst I was brainstorming for my essays made for a memorable introspective experience which, I feel, did not contribute only to my college applications but more so to a personal journey of self-discovery that will forever stay with me. When I showed Anjanita my essays, she would read and review them the way an admission officer would, and would suggest ways I could reorganize my ideas to make for smoother and more fluid reads.

What makes StudyUSA truly stand out from other advising services, to me, is Anjanita’s attitude towards helping others and her amiability. She would help her students not the way the conventional advisor would, but rather like a parent would help her children.