Ashwarya Singh Devason (University of Pennsylvania)


I still remember the first conversation I had with Anjanita over the phone after a friend recommended StudyUSA to me. I was skeptical, with a clouded perspective, a faint notion of the application process and a thousand questions running through my head. At the end of the phone call, more than three hours later, I finally felt comfort come over me like a warm blanket. Not only had she answered all my questions and impressed me with her expertise and professionalism, but she also reassured me that I could dream big and that it is possible to afford a world-class US education. I knew then that I could trust her to help me pave my way from Mauritius to America and never once did she let me down.

In the beginning, I was afraid that my application would lose my personal touch if I approach a counselor. Boy, was I wrong! In fact, the opposite is true; she helped me find me. Over countless conversations about my life plans, aspirations, dreams and goals, she listened, encouraged and believed in me. She always pushed me to be the best version of myself and she was always ready to help me dig deep into my heart to figure out what I wanted. She always went out of her way, exactly like a parent would, to ensure the success of my application. Her insightful feedback on my essays, her infectious drive and motivation (the countdown emails!!!) and her methodical approach really helped me manage my application alongside my HSC exams. 

When the college decisions started coming in, she was the person I ran to with every college acceptance letter and the one who told me, “I knew you could do it. Thanks to her precious guidance, I received glowing letters of acceptance and full scholarships to several Top US Universities and Liberal Arts Colleges, among which I chose the University of Pennsylvania. Attending an Ivy League Institution on a full ride (100%) is something that I didn’t believe was possible but Anjanita helped me turn my lifelong dream into reality. Even after I committed to Penn, she still checks up on me and gave me important pieces of advice and information pertaining to moving to the US, which clearly shows her caring personality. 

Working with StudyUSA was one of the most fulfilling and edifying experiences of my life. Anjanita’s work ethic, motivation and her relentlessly caring heart combined with her excellent interpersonal skills really make her stand out. She totally deserves the credit for being a large part of my success and I honestly could not thank her enough. 

As the saying goes in the Millennial/Gen Z lexicon, “11/10 would recommend.”