Bhuwan Gokhool (Union College)


Being able to study in the US, majoring in Computer Science at Union College, is an achievement I am very proud of but this would not have been possible if it were not for the help I received from Miss Anjanita Mahadoo. Following a close friend’s recommendation I sought Miss Anjanita’s help. At that time I was oblivious of the application process. I did not know how to get started, what to keep in mind when choosing colleges, how to effectively answer the application questions, or how to interpret my standardized test scores.

In retrospect, I can clearly state that this decision was pivotal in shaping my tertiary education opportunity. Through merely the first couple of her workshops, most of my doubts were cleared. She even walked us through the application step by step and was always ready to clarify our confusion. Applying to the US, I must say, is a daunting process. At one point I seriously doubted my chances, yet madam Anjanita kept encouraging me. Although she works with many students, she always provided individual attention to all, and was always willing to schedule individual meetings and replied to our emails promptly.

What again surprised me was the amount of effort that she puts into her work. Miss Anjanita never imposed her decisions on her students. Instead she was constantly researching alongside us in order to make as much information as possible available to us, so that we could make an informed decision. I remember her helping me break down my college search process and providing me with a list Computer Science colleges which met my needs. At times she seemed strict but she provided us with constructive criticisms that were tremendously helpful not just for a particular application but also for the successive ones.

Another important aspect that comes to my mind is that she never discouraged us. She works with an optimistic mindset that translated clearly through her workshops. If the college seemed hard to get accepted at, she would push us to work harder but would never dissuade us. Concluding the six or seven months of working together, we ended up building a special relation. She was in fact among the most elated people when I told her that I was able to secure a near 85% scholarship at Union College. Even years after the applications, I have no doubt that she would be happy to meet and chat with her students, be it in the US or Mauritius. I am very much thankful for everything she has helped me with, and I wish her luck with her future students!