Adarsh Jeewajee (MIT- Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Thanks to the counseling of StudyUSA Founder, Anjanita, I was admitted with 100% scholarships to MIT, Stanford, Princeton, UCLA, UC Berkeley, Fordham, Northwestern University among others. For me, and like for many other people tackling their last year of Secondary Education, A-level exams were my top priority and ‘applying to universities’ or ‘taking the SAT exams’ were those ‘other things’ I also ‘had to’ juggle with. But that attitude rapidly took a U-turn thanks to Anjanita. Working with her, forced me to put things in perspective and she made me realize how those ‘other things’ were key to shaping my future and making sure I get a quality education with financial aid beyond my high school years. She always said: ‘What is the point in being a laureate if you do not go to a university that will challenge you and satisfy your passion to learn?’

She helped me build a ‘University Application’ work plan tailored to my schedule and though the adventure was rough and long, the way she broke things down made me feel like day by day, I was getting more and more done in the application process. Instead of having 5 gigantic essays to look at and allow procrastination to take over, we sat together and had long meaningful conversations that helped me introspect and find the version of me who is passionate about telling the whole world why I am the best at what I do, why I want to make a difference in the world, and why that difference should start at their university.

At the end of the day, with Anjanita’s guidance, I built strong winning applications that not one university said no to. In February 2014, I was announced a ‘laureate’ in Mauritius, I was offered a full-ride scholarship by the state, and a month after, acceptance letters from Universities flooded in. Not only did I have the privilege of choosing between schools, but on top of that, I could choose between the myriad of scholarships awarded to me. The little boy who once was intimidated and phased by the huge amount of work involved in US University applications had become the young man ready to live his American dream in a matter of months. If not for Anjanita’s help, I don’t know where I would be today, instead of typing this nostalgic testimonial, sitting in the majestic Barker Library of MIT.